Sunday, January 26, 2014

Luhan is My Biological Father???

After a really interesting conversation with my best friend (we'll just call her laynicorn) I have come to the conclusion that Luhan is my biological father.

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Word from word text:

laynicorn: Kittens. I like kittens.

suho_ftw: f(x). I like f(x)

laynicorn: YAAAY!

suho_ftw: You know they're my fave girl group and my second favorite group overall.

laynicorn: I like juice.

suho_ftw: I like Jinki-baby

laynicorn: Juice.

suho_ftw: Kai.

laynicorn: *sends me a pic of V8 potato and grape juice.* 
                  Purple spiky balls that lights up.

suho_ftw: Could have had a V eigh_ wait a minute…

laynicorn: *sends me a pic of purple spiky ball that lights up* 

suho_ftw: I like spikes, purple, and balls :)


suho_ftw: O KAY!

laynicorn: I'm sad. Suddenly I want **** and kittens…

laynicorn: mreh!

This is where I find out.

suho_ftw: I want Onew as my own personal lollipop.

laynicorn: Perv.

suho_ftw: Just like your precious Luhan <3
                  Luhan's my father OoO

laynicorn: LOL

suho_ftw: Dear god it's genetic!!!

laynicorn: you poor, poor thing.

suho_ftw: Luhan Appa, why!?!?!?!?!?!

laynicorn: UNNIE I'M BORED!!!

suho_ftw: I'm crying :'(

laynicorn: BOOOOOORDEUH!
                  What? Why?

suho_ftw: Luhan raised me to be one big PERV just like him #sick

laynicorn: -______-

suho_ftw: Not actually crying!

laynicorn: I'm blinking at you.
                  *makes helicopter noises with mouth because is so stupidly bored beyond sanity*

suho_ftw: Now I'm forced to rub the asses of men who resemble baozi's and sing until my throat is soar every night!!!

laynicron: I'm gonna barf from drinking so much potato-grape juice :[

I'm ending the conversation right here because after this it just gets weird.

Later on we found out that Chanyeol the Crackhead is her father. Which make Diva Baekhyun her mom.

Well, I have a pervert for a dad which makes Xiumin my mom. Which is great because I have a sexy-ass mom. 

Here are some gifs of Luhan being a perve:
Good job sexay ass.

Get'cho sexay ass off this floor!

Hey bab_ ohh you've been working out.

Bring yo sexay ass over here.

Let me help you ;)

Appa likes big butts and he can not lie.

suho_ftw, daughter should't you be doing your homework?

Sorry Apppa, but you'll have to tie me to the chair in order for me to finish the crap.

Wait, he's crazy enough to do it.

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