Monday, January 6, 2014


To my best friend: thank you for edging me to listen to BtoB. I voted for them for Best Rookie, and in all honesty, a lot of the rookies of 2013 were lack luster for me. But BtoB were awesome :) I've already claimed Ilhoon as my bias of the group. I like his distinctive rapping and his adorableness. In fact, I first saw him last year in G.Na's "Oops" MV where he does all of the rapping. I thought he was really cool, so I keep him as my bias.

On an unrelated note, I notice that all of my biases are either old and rich or the babies of the group O_O. (Ilhoon's a baby if you didn't know.) Not sure if I should nip that in the bud or not. Don't care. 

Whoever thought of BtoB was smart because they're like a combination of SHINee and BlockB. I love them! Plus all of their songs are good songs.

Anyway onto the Ilhoon glory!


Where I first saw him.
This is a Wallpaper

He's pretty cute eh?


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