Sunday, January 26, 2014


Are any of you familiar with models? Because I need help finding out who this one in!!!
Okay so I just got back from a trip of visiting my brother in South Bend, Indiana. They have University Mall and Notre Dame College. I was in the mall, looking in Sephora when I notice a new brand called Bite Cosmetics:

They are natural, but they don't make their produce out of twigs and have leafs for make-up remover pads. According to one of the men who work there this particular brand has only been there about a year and the woman who created this brand wanted it to be natural products but with an urban look and yeah she did it! The stuff is great!

What caught my eye were their matte créme lip crayon's and I had been looking for something similar. But then this picture caught my eyes:

More after the jump.

It was slightly different but same pose! I bought the shade she was wearing which is called "Blood Orange" if you're wondering. But aside from that, this model is FREAKING GORGEOUS!!! Well majority of models are, but this one in particular stood out to me. Do any of you know this women's name??? If so please, please, PLEASE tell me!!! Seriously I find this woman so gorgeous I might even let her turn me gay if she confessed to me :) Her lips are especially stand out for me.

She won me over fast, she's my blogger profile and this sites favicon. I'm going to research the crap out of Bite to see if they list their models. Seriously screw those anti-feminist who hate women and think they're gross! Screw all of those racist who think Asian women, or any women for that matter who aren't their race are hideous! This woman is freaking awesome and all women are beautiful!!!

Okay I'm sorry, so in Kpop related news: I say Kiss&Cry's MV for "Domino Game." I enjoyed the song, the MV was bit above basic but still enjoyable :)

One last pic of her:

SO beautiful!

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