Tuesday, January 28, 2014


You all know F(x) is my favorite girl group period and SHINee (their brother group) is my favorite group of all Kpop. However, I don't appreciate with what S.M.'s been doing lately with them. Or most girl groups today.

My fave girls debuted in 2009 with "La Cha Ta" a truly great catchy song. Then came out with "Nu ABO" an even better track. Next came "Pinocchio" which was just up to par with "Nu ABO." They smashed into charts the next year with "Electric Shock" and then came in next year with the highly addictive "Rum Pum Pum Pum."

Enough about singles. What about their albums? I loved the Nu ABO mini-album. I'm listening to the Pinocchio (Danger) album right now, Electric Shock was great and Pink Tape was first in my top 3 albums of 2013. So does it appear that they're so irrelevant?

It's all in the management and S.M. itself. Boy groups can instantly get fangirls like that. However, the kpop fandom as a whole is dominated by females and unfortunately a huge amount of those females hate any girl that is anyway associated with their oppa's. So, it's always a little bit more difficult for girl groups to get their name out there than boy groups. Hell it seems everything is more difficult for women in a man's world.

Maybe it's the shallowness in Korean society (or any society really.) Look at the top girl group: Girls' Generation. What's one thing you hear all the time? How "pretty" and "beautiful" all the members are. Of course the kpop ground got shook when 2NE1, who gets ragged on their looks until this day made the big scene.

The problem is not all anyones fault. There are many factors as to why this is happening and I've made some pointers on this. Let's point one this out first: EXO. Just barely two years old and already more popular than F(x) who's about to be five years old this year. Five fucking years, and we F(x) fans don't even have a name for our fan group. We just sort made up Aff(x)ionets, similar to how EXO fans call themselves EXOtics. Look at their comeback, they won one stage just to have them have EXO comeback and take the next one. Not to mention that concert.

We should not hate S.M., Girls' Generation, EXO, or even their management. We should help out S.M. and their management so F(x) can get the attention they need.

1. Keep the Current Managers in the Studio ONLY

Now, I will give it to them: F(x)'s managers are good at managing and picking out their songs very, very well. Especially with their 2nd album, they really could have made F(x) a staple. However, they suck at managing them publicly. So who should take over their publicity?

2. Have EXO's Managers Manage F(x) As Well (Or Somebody Just as Good)

I'd HATE for the managers to do double groups. But this is a crises. EXO probably is S.M.'s best managed group. Seriously, boy groups may become popular fast, but nobody sky rocketed up their like EXO, a rookie group, did that fast. I think they may have been more popular than SHINee in 2013. Now imagine what they could do with F(x) who is already somewhat well-known in Kpop. They should either, hire EXO's manager temporarily or find somebody JUST as good.

3. Don't Have the Comebacks Clash Together Like "Rum Pum Pum Pum" and "Growl."

 Not only was EXO more popular than F(x) but they had a repackaged album coming out and Pink Tape didn't even have a repackage. Did anyone else see that coming??? Seriously??? Okay, you could have at least let them win two more stages before releasing "Growl" but everybody was thirsty for that EXOrade. I blame us EXOtics. Let F(x) get a little please!!! So S.M.: in the future please don't have the groups comebacks clash like that ever again.

4. Repackage Pink Tape ASAP

Do I even need to explain why this album needs to be repackaged? Pink Tape on it's own is a pretty perfect album, imagine with three or four new great songs could do for it?!?! I'm not the only one thinking for it! Come on F(x) management you put together Pink Tape!!! That's freaking great!!! Another single and like three extra great songs wouldn't be hurting anyone!!! You still have enough time to put something together before March.

5. Have Them Do Their OWN Solo Concert

F(x) has 2 mini albums and 2 full length albums. Add solo five solo stages and collaborations and boom: you have enough for a concert!!! They can have EXO as like a featured guest or something not a full part of the deal! They're big girls, they can handle it and fill up a whole house on their own.

I cannot tell you how much I see improvement in every member. Seriously go back to "LA ChA TA" song and them go to "Rum Pum Pum Pum" and tell me they haven't! Amber's rapping has especially improved. I feel as if they should be a lot more appreciated than they are. 

Well S.M. if you follow these steps F(x) should be in good shape for 2014.

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