Friday, January 3, 2014

Girl's Day - "Something"(썸씽) MV+Song Review

THIS SONG IS GOLD. Seriously, I listened to this song like fifteen times today! I love the smooth 90's R&B sound to it. It's very sexy and I find myself replaying it a lot. The production (in my opinion) was nice. People are comparing it to SISTAR's "Alone." The MV might but the song not so much. You can say that it was inspired by "Alone" because it does have a similar style, but for me it's not the same at all. "Alone" had more of a groove tone to it. And if you're wondering, I love "Alone" but I like "Something" a whole lot better. Everyone sounded great too, especially Minah. My first song of 2014 and I can already tell this is going into my Top 10 in December.

This MV is just really well done and this particular concept of sexy worked fantastically. Whenever Girl's Day does a sexy concept, it's always hard for me to watch because it's so forced and doesn't come natural. But this I enjoyed a lot. It was how Simon and Martina put it "sexiness done right." Everyone looked comfortable and natural doing the dance and looked comfortable with this style of sexy. Again, the video can be compared to SISTAR's "Alone." Only it's a little less stupid, no offense but some parts of "Alone" just really baffle me, or make me laugh. Girl's Day's little bits and pieces shots between the dancing actually make some sense. Minus Hyeri, I didn't quite catch hers. But don't get it twisted, I still like that song and video. Girl's Day handled this very well, I especially like the black dresses they're wearing during the golden mirror shots and what they're wearing in the individual shots.

Sojin- Perfect
Yura- Glamorous 
Minah- Perfect
Hyeri- Awesome

Some screen-shots of the members:




SONG: 5/5
VIDEO: 5/5

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