Monday, January 27, 2014

Gain (가인)_ Fxxk U (Feat. Bumkey) MV+Song Review

Before any of you get your black panties in a twist, Kpop idols, or Korean's in general LOVE the word "Fuck." It has appeared in many MV's from groups/artist you wouldn't think. However, I don't think an idol has ever used it like this before. Thus the slight shock.

Anyway, Gain is one of my favorite solo artist. She's done a lot of controversial music videos, such as anything she's done "Irreversible" and "Bloom." Both have strong messages or sex, love, life and now abuse. But instead of just making money off of sexuality, she's actually taught me, personally, some valuable things that aren't taught in present day pop music. "Bloom" for an example, while it was some-what about sex, it was about finding someone you love before giving it up to. It also touched on the subject of virginity all wrapped up in one big dance track. Again, not a message I haven't heard in present day pop music. 

She's returned in 2014 with the pre-release track, "Fxxk You" ft. Bumkey. This MV is like "Irreversible" and "Bloom" put together. It's dark and serious like "Irreversible" but is also quite sexual like "Bloom." However while "Bloom" was more light hearted and sweet, "Irreversible" was more dark and scary at times. This MV keeps up with the more dark and creepy undertones,  but it still stands out amongst the other two. 

The song I really like, in fact "Something", "Cha Cha", and "Fxxk You" are my top three songs as of the year. With "Domino Game" right after. I like the use of authentic guitar with the little jazzy groove going on. It's a real pleasuring to listen to and I think Bumkey's voice made it even better. However, the lyrics really made it stand out because it actually fits the MV. The lyrics counter-argue themselves, and it almost seems as if Gain's being conflicted with what she wants, and what she thinks. Bumkey's lines are good too, but when I keep thinking about them, I get the slight feeling that she's being raped. The MV doesn't really fight against that either. 

Now this MV is special. First off Gain never disappoints when it comes to anything, especially when it comes to controversial, though provoking, and symbolistic music video's. And this is what you'd expect from Gain, or with Brown Eyed Girl's anyway. However I'm just going to say: it follows the lyrics: of a conflicted relationship. It's similar to Troublemaker's "Now" in the sense of one minute they're fighting, the next they're making out. I like how she took the concept and made her own, but I hope I don't see much more of these "conflicting relationship" concepts because they're getting too predictable like S.M.'s box sets. However I do like that they each have their own unique story lines. But this one was just plane confusing at times. 

I give the song 5/5 cakes with giant ass candles.
I give the MV 4/5 blood splattered showers

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