Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Do Kyungsoo Will Be the Death of Me

If I HAD to rate EXO based off of attractiveness, the top 3 would be Kai, Tao, and Xiumin and the rest rate under them to whatever. You may be shocked seeing as those three are usually on the bottom and for most it may be Luhan, Sehun, and Kris (or Chanyeol.) But I have a rare taste when it comes to what I find attractive XD

However I cannot forget (D.O.) Kyungsoo. I mean sure he may come off as the quiet one with the baby looks. However I find him quite interesting and relatable on "EXO's Showtime" and not to mention that has the best vocal voice in the group in my opinion. He was always one of my favorite members :)

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His nicknames "Spawn of Satan" or "Cutest Little Shit Kyungsoo" (made popular on tumblr.) Are what citizens of the Kyungsoo Nation call him in terms of affection along with "Squishy" and "CreepSoo" Similar to how we Kai fans call him "Adorable Little Fucker" or "Cute Asshole" (don't know where the 'asshole' thing came from though.) Or how Suho fans call him "Gramps" ect...

With that said, I was bored and decided to post this before I knock out for the rest of the night:

Squishy and Creepy pulled into one.

Kai and Kyungsoo (Kaisoo) is a picture together is always nice. Even if they both look like their chanting FML in their heads. Luhan's face cracks me up in this one.

You'll notice a lot of these are from when he had red hair, and that's because, well it really suited him.


  1. There is nothing as disappointing as another era without the return of Kyungsoo's red hair.