Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2013 Bias List

2013, a unique year for Kpop. Majority of my biases have remained the same but some have managed to squeak in for me. These are some of my TOP biases.

12. F(x)'s Luna + Krystal

My F(x) bias was undetermined, until this year when I really started to get into them. Luna is just an all around great person with an amazing voice and Krystal just has literal "star power." They both stood out to me equally. I love them both.

11. Super Junior's Donghae

My bias in SuJu had always remained unknown. But I always liked Donghae, he's just a likable person. When I saw him in "Still You" with Eunhyuk, it confirmed my bias for him. His voice is awesome and he also composed the song. One of my favorite songs of the year. He practically slammed into my bias list. 

10. Miss A's Fei

Fei has been my bias since "I Don't Need a Man." She stood out so much from the other members, I admit I was a bit new to Miss A, but Few has always stood out to me! Both visually and talent wise. She's glorious.

9. MBLAQ's Joon (Changsun)

Joon's always been my bias in MBLAQ. Why? He's smarter than people give him credit for, and also a lot more down to Earth. I can see why some people may refer to him as a male stripper or even the "male Hyuna" which is just freaking offensive. I like Joon with his clothes ON and also he's got the talent too.

8. SECRET's Ji Eun

Love this girl. She's adorable and is a great vocalist. She became my bias a while ago, but my bias in SECRET at first was Zinger but now it's Ji Eun, but I still love all the members of course.

7. T- ara's Jiyeon

I always liked Jiyeon. She was a solid dancer, and her voice has always been attractive to me. Also her eyes are very alluding with eyeliner, seriously she looks like something straight out of an anime sometimes.

6. B.A.P's Zelo (Junhong)

It's hard for anyone to dislike this dude. Seriously, everything about Zelo I love. His personality, talent, adorableness, and his face. Love him, he was my bias when B.A.P debuted and he's my bias until this very day!

5. EXO's SeXiumin (Minseok) and Suho (Joonmyeon)

Xiumin has always been a fave of mine. People underestimate him which annoys me, because he's not one to be overestimated. He can sing, he can rap, he can dance his a$$ off, not to mention he has an adorable personality wrapped into one sexy package. Suho is just wow! You don't notice him until he just wows you. His goofy personality, mixed with his "bagel boy" looks are very interesting. Everyone knows Suho has the voice of heaven. These two are both sort of mysteries to me. EXO has no filler members and these are most definitely no exception.

4. EXO's Kai (Jongin)

Kai has been my favorite member of EXO since day freaking one. I think he's the idol I have the most in common with and also I like how he's a true, talented performer on stage and a dorky, sleepy, funny, cool person off. Eventually I started to notice more and more of his… sexy as hellness but like Joon, I like Kai better with clothes ON lol. But not arguing against the occasional making me spazz moments. 

3. SHINee's Taemin

Taemin, Taemin, Taemin. I really shouldn't have to tell you why he's my bias. Seriously, Taemin was always one of my favorites and this year has not proven me wrong. He's grown so much as an artist, and as a person. He NEVER fails to make me smile. Just seeing him acting like himself is enough. A word I would describe Taemin is just warm. I don't know why but that's just how I would describe him. I don't think anyone can manage to be adorable and sexy the same the way Taemin does it.

2. SNSD's Taeyeon

Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Hyoyeon have always been my top 3 biases in SNSD. But Taeyeon has always been number 1. She has a powerful voice, hilarious personality, and she's just bright all over. To me, Taeyeon has always been an enjoyable person, and just funny. Making me laugh is an important here, and Taeyeon always manages to put a smile on my face rather it's through singing or goofing off.

(The macro at the top should have given it away.)

I could go on and on and on and on and on and on about why Onew is my bias. But I won't make this blog post longer than the blog so I'll keep it short: Onew AKA Lee Jinki is amazing, nobody can even try climb over that bias wall. If they did they'd probably just get tazed. 

I wish you all a happy new year and may 2014 bring us all good Kpop :)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Holy Freaking GOD Jongin!!! And Killer Key!

So I was surfing the inter webs when I stumbled across a pimp post of Kai/Jongin on a blog called exochocolate. Since I adore like Kai I decided to read it, a long with the links. One link lead to this picture:

I spazzed. Not going to say anything else here. I picked Kai as my favorite member way before I even knew this side of him existed. But this is just 0_0  *dies of fingirling spazzing* Seriously f*ck all the people that thinks he's ugly because he's "dark skinned" anybody that cannot see the hotness burned into this pic is far beyond blind! Shoot, even Stevie Wonder could see the hotness in this. Thank GOD he exist.

"God says you're welcome suho_ftw :)"

In reliving 2013 Shawol style, I felt the need to post some Key, because he looks so good in both of these pics:

His adorableness kills me in this pic!

His hotness kills me here.

XeXiumin (Hotness and Talent)

Weird title, I know. But whenever Xiumin (Kim Minseok) is hot that's what I call him: XeXiumin. Basically you pronounce it like Sex-Xiumin. 

Yes, another Xiumin post "OMFG SUHO_FTW YOU'RE SO BIASED!!!" I can see why you'd think that with Xiumin being the main theme of this blog. Maybe I am. But it's more of I like was I see, and there's nothing wrong with appreciating one of your favorite artist, especially when they are underrated. Everyone knows Xiumin can sing, dance, rap basically the whole nine, so I'm here to fangirl spazz over it all. Enjoy some more baozi.


Them eyes tho.

They saved the best for last.

Mini Strip Tease

Them eyes… AGAIN.

Xiumin being Minseok <3 :)



Suho and Xiumin in a gif together is always good :)

Pre-Debut Dance (Chose this one because you can really see his moves.)

           He's on the left, Greg (think he's a trainee) in the middle, and Lay's to the right.

Singing and Rapping (Voice)

 His Parts in the XOXO Album (Its only 1 minutes and 18 seconds long. What the actual fuck S.M.?)

This vid is mainly about him Singing and Talking (just his voice in general.)

I would describe his voice as husky mixed with a higher voice. It's not something I've heard before, and I love it!

XiuBooty and XiuThighs

Xiumin wants to compete with Onew for who has the sexier thighs and butt. You guys all know Onew is my #1 Ultimate Bias in all of Kpop and I love me some OnThighs and OnButt! Xiumin's are real nice. Xiumin makes second place on that category for me :)

Hope you enjoyed this because I enjoyed making it :)

Majority of the gifs I got from tumblr and photobuucket.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

SHINee Sh!ts On Every Kpop Group This Year

I am a die-hard Shawol. SHINee is my favorite group of all time (I'll explain why later) and they busted their asses for 2013. Other groups like B.A.P, T-ara, SNSD, Crayon Pop, F(x) and maybe even 4minute worked the hardest as well and deserve honorable mention. SHINee released two Korean full length albums, one Korean repackage, a full length Japanese album, and a Korean mini-album. A good start and end to a good year. Maybe it's because I'm biased but I'm going to go through their singles of this year.

Dream Girl

I loved this song the first time I heard it. SHINee and F(x) make some real unique music and this was the most different than any song earlier this year, minus "I Got a Boy." The music video was really cool as well. The vocals Taemin and Jonghyun really match the song as well. Everyone stands out well in this but Jonghyun and Onew stand out the most for me.

Why So Serious?

Upon first listen I thought: "S.M., what did SHINee do to deserve this piece of crap song?" But then after listening to it a few more times I found it enjoyable. It's my least favorite SHINee song but it's not a total piece of crap. Taemin and Onew sounds freaking amazing! Minho sounds good too. Onew (my #1 ultimate bias in all of Kpop) freaking slays everyone visually when it comes to this MV. King of Sexy.

Breaking News

For some reason they took the full version down because Japan sucks when it comes to giving the international fans some fun. But this song kills! It was by far a winner for me and a lot of other SHINee fans. The MV's very SMish but the dance is freaking hard core amazing. Everyone sounds good the song is addictive and amazing. Jonghyuns grandpa white hair actually suits him. Key was so fierce it was like he was back in his "Lucifer" days when he didn't have the middle-part in his hair. He stood out for me along with Taemin.

Dazzling Girl

I decided to do the two Japanese singles together. Dazzling girl was a nice single, kind of like average SHINee with dub step. I liked this song a lot and can't help but dance to it. I like the filters used on their Japanese MV's very 3D esc is how I would put. Jonghyun's singing his freaking voice out, but the MV confuses me a bit. Don't like Key's hair like that though, but he was still great :) Onew and Taemin stood out the most for me.


Technically cheating, because it's a lyric video, but it's still a video. I ranted and raved about this in my "Everybody" album review which you can here. This song is so good it! Like really good. The way they perform is so sexy but the lyrics (which Jonghyun wrote) are depressing as hell. Jonghyun, do you need a hug? Speaking of Jonghyun his vocals are killing me because they're pretty perfect, so he stands out the most here. Definitely up their with one of my favorites. 


One of my favorite songs of the year. No it's not dub-steb, it's complextro which is like dub-steps better looking, younger brother. A lot of people liked this, I loved it, the concept was different than any SHINee we ever knew. It's like they took the concept of"Lucifer" and mashed it together with a darker version of SNSD's "Genie" concept and you got "Everybody." This is very a very epic SHINee song and a very simple, but epic video with very epic choreography. I'm digging Onew's hair a lot. Minho stood out the most for me in this one, he looked very mature. Extra brownie points for shirtless Taemin.


This was S.M.'s Christmas present to us Shawols. THANK YOU! I like how it didn't have the typical behind the scenes and concert pieces. It actually had a set in-between those takes with SHINee in front of a Christmas tree and doing Christmas-sy things. Everybody looks realistically happy, Jonghyun's so adorable here. I remember saying the song was great, just not my favorite on the album. I take that back, because this song is just pure fun and almost classic SHINee. The best part would have to be when Key and Jonghyun go back and forth  a bit before the chorus and the synthesizer over Key's voice is just glory. Have to say, Key looks good both as a blonde and with jet black hair. Taemin looks good with darker hair too as well. Minho is hilarious. Onew is the typical King of Sexy that he is. I love this MV. Key and Taemin were so freaking hot here!

The Misconceptions of Us (Combination of Misconceptions of You, and Misconceptions of Me) was a great album. Nearly flawless.

"Everybody"- amazing.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Kai and Chanyeol Got Sexual

That is so fucking hot… Chanyeol was like "Fuck it!" and went for the gold :)

This is the Last Fuck I Give

I am NOT kidding with this, I'm going to give my personal opinion on this matter and I'm am not going to give zero fucking fucks on this. At all. I normally do not rant on here but this is it. I have to let this out like right now.

Thank you Jessica. You always know how to back me up.

What am I going to discuss today that I'm not going to give any fucks on: fanboys and how a lot of them suck complete and total ass.

When I use the term fanboy or fangirl in this I don't mean the average kpop fanboy or fangirl. I'm talking the pathetic delusional fucktards that give kpop a bad name.

Obviously fangirls can and do suck complete and total ass, but for some reason everybody fucking hates them. I don't give a fuck, believe whatever delusional shit you want to but fanboys are just as bad. Sorry but it's the truth.

So fangirls, I'm going to give you a break today and shit on fanboys. You're welcome.

When a fangirl does something that disturbs a male idol it gets talked about forever, but whenever a fanboy does something it gets swept under the rug the next week as if it never happened. Just like those girls snuck into TVXQ's dorms a few years back, that dude that tried to kidnap Taeyeon off the stage still happened. But people are quick to bring up the fangirls incident and don't even fucking remember that douche-bag that snatched Taeyeon.

And that's just ONE incident, and I'm pretty sure they're more incidents but nobody wants to discuss them. Does it have to do with male supremacy? Plausible to a T. But we can never know the exact reason on it.

Fangirls get looked at funny for wanting to lady-fap to male idols, but when a fanboy wants to fap to a female idol, yeah he'll get teased for it but in no way that I have seen has gotten the amount of bullshit as a fangirl. My thoughts: the fact that you can appreciate someones looks (and personality as well) to the point you would fuck yourself to them is completely natural. ANd Kpop is literally a farm of hotties for every nook and cranny out there so it could be hard not to want to fap and lady-fap to them. I'm pretty sure that incident with AKB48's Kasai Tomomi wouldn't have been such a huge blow up if their fanboys weren't so pissy. Yeah, fanboys get made when their noonar or whatever starts dating, not just fangirls. 

There is a common misconception that fangirls are the only ones that act stupid, get delusional, and defensive over their oppars. That's not true fanboys are fucking HUGE on that shit. Trying talking shit, or just giving the slightest criticism on a female idol that has a high male fan base. Your ass is fucked, and it's the most annoying shit ever when fanboys have the audacity to shit on fangirls when they do the exact same shit they do. Bottom line: both of you need to shut the fuck up and deal with the fact that not everybody likes who you likes. It will help you out in life. Stop being fucking hypocrites and try and help each other out.

Oh and fanboys can be sasaeng too. Don't think for one second they cannot be capable of such stupidity.

If you're reading this and you're offended let me help you out:
#1. You're just as bad as fangirls
#2. If you claim you're not you're delusional
#3. You need help and I'm here to help you

If you're still offended watch this music video:

                    Pretty close to what I'm trying to say.

If you're reading this and you're still offended then suck my nonexistent dick and get a life.

Glad I got that little rant off my chest :D Have a nice day!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Don't Think I Forgot Suho

I've done blog post about Kai, Xiumin, and Donghae. Time for Suho glory.

Just cute, cute, cute.

That face is pure goodness.

Anything related to Public Enemy is good in my eyes.

One of his many ghetto facial expressions.

He always does that lip pencil thing, it's cute.

Woah. His adams apple O_O

Xiumin confused, awkwardly horny Chen, Suho's stankface. Nuff said.

Suho's power is water because he gets the bitches wet ;) (He looks thin is this one :/)

Suho and Xiumin in a gif together is always good.

If I could put gifs on t-shirts this would be my first choice. Just sayin'.

I think he's drunk. 

I think he's high.

Suho and Kai in a gif is always good. Especially with Kai eye-fucking the camera.


Oh yes.

Don't got to right shit.

Never forget what lies under his cuteness.

I don't know about you, but I am very satisfied with this blog post. I own none of these pics or gifs! Credit goes to the owners and Suho.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Leave Sica Alone!

Thank you Jessica!

So SNSD did a little concert where they all performed covers of different songs. One cover was done by Jessica where she did a cover of Lee Hyori's "Miss Korea." One of my favorite songs of 2013. She wore a bathing suit and some fucking retards fangirls decided to slut-shame her. Call her a whore, degrading to women all over the planet, slut it just get's worse and worse.

First of all, I stand for equality in all of K-Pop. I can enjoy both a man and woman's sexuality (no I'm not bisexual.) I can appreciate when Suho's shirtless, I can also appreciate when Jessica (or any female idol) is sexy. Now I'm not going to bullshit because we all know very well that Kpop can be heavily devoted to pleasing men. Some videos of female groups bore me because what the average guy finds sexy in a woman I don't. But I don't go around calling Girls' Day sluts because they shaked their asses in "Female President." Why? Because I don't know anything about them to call them anything outside their name.

I am a SONE (yeah I admit it) but I'm not a delusional fangirl that gets pissed when they try something not "Oh" era. I support Sica 100% behind this because "Miss Korea" has a powerful message. People are saying "how could you sing about sex!" First of all, "Miss Korea" isn't about sex, GaIn's "Bloom" that Sunny performed was about sex. And not even casual sex, but finding someone you love before you start doing it. "Miss Korea" is about being beautiful and how you, yourself, is beautiful. It's a good song. It's no Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" but Kpop could use a song like this every once in a while.

Akisame at "Anti-Kpop Fangirl" made a good point in her blog post about this (you can view that here) saying that nobody slut-shamed CL when she was naked in "Missing You." While I'm sure she got heat for it, she got it nowhere near as much as Jessica is getting. Not sure why, akisame says it relates to CL's looks. Maybe. I always though CL was pretty but majority of others say "hell no." Depends on the person. 

Bottom line is: I hate feminist who add onto the problem. They give us a bad rep for being feminist. Feminism isn't about burn in bra's, slut shaming, and hating men. It's about being confident in your sexuality, fighting for gender equality, and not giving a fuck about the roles society expects from you as a female. But a lot of women get that fucked up and it makes me want to punch them in the vagina  educate them on what a real feminist is, and how they don't deserve to call themselves out. If you want to help Kpop become more accepting of female sexuality, you should be supporting Jessica for agreeing to do this cover. And any other female idol that dares to make a statement like this. 

Now I'm not saying every female idol should be in bathing suits, but more empowering songs like MissA's "I Don't Need a Man" and Brown Eyed Girls "Sixth Sense" wouldn't bite us in the ass would it?

Original Video

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Belated Christmas

Nobody reads this blog (I think) and it's 1:37 a.m. December 26th 2013. Might as well. So MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope you've has a good one too. Don't wind up in jail on New Years because you will forget to not drop the soap if you're drunk.

Here's a cute Suho gif:
"Here's my d!ck in a box. Hope you use it well!" Suho, I didn't name myself after you for nothing :)