Friday, October 25, 2013

T-ara's Awesome But Shafted Comeback

I know I'm late but whatever, so lets get this started. 

T-ara's Number 9 is a freaking awesome song.
From start to finish I love this song, I love the acoustic guitar in the very beginning that played out throughout the rest the song, with the "ooo"'s to the semi-dubstep beat in the hook, to Hyomin's "I'm addict, I'm addict" rap part. It was just a brilliant song. I'm listening to it as I'm writing this very blog post. 

What do I think it's shafted then? Most of that, scratch that, all of that has to do with the music video. 

I like the concept of the MV don't get me wrong. It's like a unique spin on 4Minute's "Volume Up" MV. Very Tim Burton like, and Tim Buton's the shit so I really dig it.

But like a lot of SM video's  it was just of beautiful people dancing, looking sexy, and occasionally doing stuff with random objects. 

Although that could go for every other KPOP girl group out there. Say what you want about "I Got a Boy", but you can't deny that SNSD danced a raw dance phenomenally. 

Now this is coming from a straight female. If you're a straight guy/lesbian/bisexual then you should like this video fine if you're into sexy girls. But as for me it didn't really do it. At least SM dances are raw, but the only the dance that looked cool was the hip-hoppin' dance during the bridge. The rest was kind of lame (sorry!) I'm not trying to be harsh on T-ara, just their management because they decide these things.

Their were two other videos. Which was just them driving in a car, stopping at some random-ass desert and walking around looking sexy, which was kind of boring to me. (Sorry!)

But then again T-ara has had a lot on their plate, so I'm not too upset.

I'm not saying they can't be sexy either, there is nothing wrong with pulling off a sexy concept, it wasn't ridiculous like HyunA (Don't get me wrong HyunA is my girl!) and I'm Jiyeon biased so you know what that means... XD 

Overall I just wish T-ara's MV was a bit more interesting. But overall very happy with this song. It's like my 3rd favorite song of the year, it's that good to me! My cousin's going to Seoul and I'm gonna beg her for this mini-album. I bought the single on iTunes but I want a physical copy of the whole mini-album.

So what were your opinions on the song and MV?

You can check out all three versions of the MV down below in the links!

Version 1   Version 2  Version 3 (History) 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just the Intro

Let's face it, stuff goes down in the KPOP realm that's can be sexist, racist, and down-right wrong. KPOP is awesome and a lot of the blogs will kind of sort of be equal. Have awesomeness and half not awesomeness. So try to enjoy it as much as you can or not I really don't care for haters...

But in the mean time:

Idc if it's an old joke.