Monday, December 30, 2013

XeXiumin (Hotness and Talent)

Weird title, I know. But whenever Xiumin (Kim Minseok) is hot that's what I call him: XeXiumin. Basically you pronounce it like Sex-Xiumin. 

Yes, another Xiumin post "OMFG SUHO_FTW YOU'RE SO BIASED!!!" I can see why you'd think that with Xiumin being the main theme of this blog. Maybe I am. But it's more of I like was I see, and there's nothing wrong with appreciating one of your favorite artist, especially when they are underrated. Everyone knows Xiumin can sing, dance, rap basically the whole nine, so I'm here to fangirl spazz over it all. Enjoy some more baozi.


Them eyes tho.

They saved the best for last.

Mini Strip Tease

Them eyes… AGAIN.

Xiumin being Minseok <3 :)



Suho and Xiumin in a gif together is always good :)

Pre-Debut Dance (Chose this one because you can really see his moves.)

           He's on the left, Greg (think he's a trainee) in the middle, and Lay's to the right.

Singing and Rapping (Voice)

 His Parts in the XOXO Album (Its only 1 minutes and 18 seconds long. What the actual fuck S.M.?)

This vid is mainly about him Singing and Talking (just his voice in general.)

I would describe his voice as husky mixed with a higher voice. It's not something I've heard before, and I love it!

XiuBooty and XiuThighs

Xiumin wants to compete with Onew for who has the sexier thighs and butt. You guys all know Onew is my #1 Ultimate Bias in all of Kpop and I love me some OnThighs and OnButt! Xiumin's are real nice. Xiumin makes second place on that category for me :)

Hope you enjoyed this because I enjoyed making it :)

Majority of the gifs I got from tumblr and photobuucket.

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