Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why I Love BoA

One of the few idols that can pull of cornrows

Okay so we all know who BoA is? She's the Queen of Korean Pop, super talented, super huge in Korea and Japan ect… If you don't know who BoA is check out some of her music, she's amazingly talented. But what is it about BoA that separates her from all other female/male idols out there that makes her so unique and the public go crazy for her?

These are my guesses/opinions:

1. Talent
Let's face it, BoA can dance her ass off and she's not afraid to show that she can. In almost every video of her, she's dancing her heart out and loving every second of it. Don't know what I'm talking about? Look at "Eat You Up", "The Shadow", "My Name", "Only One", "Energetic" all them have unique choreography that ranges from chill to intensive hip hop. Anyone that says BoA can't dance obviously has no eyes or needs to reevaluate their lives.

2. Image
Now all of you fanboys of over-sexualized female idols can throw bricks at me later. It's obvious no ones watching BoA because she's doing a boob dance or bubble-popping. That's not her image and it never really was to begin with. She's had many images that range from hip-hop to just pop but all have the same theme: modesty. Now their is nothing wrong with wanting to dance sexy at all. But it seems like the the trend for female and male idols is to just be sexy, sexy, sexy and no real plot or cool looking choreography. But it seems that BoA saw that shit, said "Fuck that" and kept doing her thing. BoA's sexy in a confident and fierce way that a lot of idols seem to lack.  

3. Charisma
Anyone has been into Kpop for a while knows that charisma often times get thrown onto idols because of their performance skills. BoA practically owns charisma. I find that BoA, like Lee Hyori in "U Go Girl", tends to smile while she dances. She moves as if she is generally enjoying the dance and she has a lot of passion when she dances and sings. Not saying that other idols don't but something about BoA just oozes passion. She moves with heart and soul, similar to SHINee's Taemin, and it's almost as if she doesn't give a damn about what anyone thinks, she's doing BoA and that's all that matters.

4. Music
BoA is huge where she sets her foot. Mostly because she has a lot of great songs. Every BoA song I've listened to has gotten me hooked. I swear "Disturbance" was in my head for three weeks straight. (BTW cudos to her bro for directing that video.) Her music can range from edgy-to soft balladry music. The more I think of it, the more I find out just how Diverse BoA really is.

5. Fashion
I love BoA's fashion! It's just so casual with a little bit extra. Can't explain but you get the idea.

Love everything about this pic!

I Want that hat! BoA can I be one of your homies?


Lovely woman!
Here are some more recent BoA classics:

 "Winter Love" is a pretty ballad.

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