Saturday, December 28, 2013

This is the Last Fuck I Give

I am NOT kidding with this, I'm going to give my personal opinion on this matter and I'm am not going to give zero fucking fucks on this. At all. I normally do not rant on here but this is it. I have to let this out like right now.

Thank you Jessica. You always know how to back me up.

What am I going to discuss today that I'm not going to give any fucks on: fanboys and how a lot of them suck complete and total ass.

When I use the term fanboy or fangirl in this I don't mean the average kpop fanboy or fangirl. I'm talking the pathetic delusional fucktards that give kpop a bad name.

Obviously fangirls can and do suck complete and total ass, but for some reason everybody fucking hates them. I don't give a fuck, believe whatever delusional shit you want to but fanboys are just as bad. Sorry but it's the truth.

So fangirls, I'm going to give you a break today and shit on fanboys. You're welcome.

When a fangirl does something that disturbs a male idol it gets talked about forever, but whenever a fanboy does something it gets swept under the rug the next week as if it never happened. Just like those girls snuck into TVXQ's dorms a few years back, that dude that tried to kidnap Taeyeon off the stage still happened. But people are quick to bring up the fangirls incident and don't even fucking remember that douche-bag that snatched Taeyeon.

And that's just ONE incident, and I'm pretty sure they're more incidents but nobody wants to discuss them. Does it have to do with male supremacy? Plausible to a T. But we can never know the exact reason on it.

Fangirls get looked at funny for wanting to lady-fap to male idols, but when a fanboy wants to fap to a female idol, yeah he'll get teased for it but in no way that I have seen has gotten the amount of bullshit as a fangirl. My thoughts: the fact that you can appreciate someones looks (and personality as well) to the point you would fuck yourself to them is completely natural. ANd Kpop is literally a farm of hotties for every nook and cranny out there so it could be hard not to want to fap and lady-fap to them. I'm pretty sure that incident with AKB48's Kasai Tomomi wouldn't have been such a huge blow up if their fanboys weren't so pissy. Yeah, fanboys get made when their noonar or whatever starts dating, not just fangirls. 

There is a common misconception that fangirls are the only ones that act stupid, get delusional, and defensive over their oppars. That's not true fanboys are fucking HUGE on that shit. Trying talking shit, or just giving the slightest criticism on a female idol that has a high male fan base. Your ass is fucked, and it's the most annoying shit ever when fanboys have the audacity to shit on fangirls when they do the exact same shit they do. Bottom line: both of you need to shut the fuck up and deal with the fact that not everybody likes who you likes. It will help you out in life. Stop being fucking hypocrites and try and help each other out.

Oh and fanboys can be sasaeng too. Don't think for one second they cannot be capable of such stupidity.

If you're reading this and you're offended let me help you out:
#1. You're just as bad as fangirls
#2. If you claim you're not you're delusional
#3. You need help and I'm here to help you

If you're still offended watch this music video:

                    Pretty close to what I'm trying to say.

If you're reading this and you're still offended then suck my nonexistent dick and get a life.

Glad I got that little rant off my chest :D Have a nice day!

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