Sunday, December 29, 2013

SHINee Sh!ts On Every Kpop Group This Year

I am a die-hard Shawol. SHINee is my favorite group of all time (I'll explain why later) and they busted their asses for 2013. Other groups like B.A.P, T-ara, SNSD, Crayon Pop, F(x) and maybe even 4minute worked the hardest as well and deserve honorable mention. SHINee released two Korean full length albums, one Korean repackage, a full length Japanese album, and a Korean mini-album. A good start and end to a good year. Maybe it's because I'm biased but I'm going to go through their singles of this year.

Dream Girl

I loved this song the first time I heard it. SHINee and F(x) make some real unique music and this was the most different than any song earlier this year, minus "I Got a Boy." The music video was really cool as well. The vocals Taemin and Jonghyun really match the song as well. Everyone stands out well in this but Jonghyun and Onew stand out the most for me.

Why So Serious?

Upon first listen I thought: "S.M., what did SHINee do to deserve this piece of crap song?" But then after listening to it a few more times I found it enjoyable. It's my least favorite SHINee song but it's not a total piece of crap. Taemin and Onew sounds freaking amazing! Minho sounds good too. Onew (my #1 ultimate bias in all of Kpop) freaking slays everyone visually when it comes to this MV. King of Sexy.

Breaking News

For some reason they took the full version down because Japan sucks when it comes to giving the international fans some fun. But this song kills! It was by far a winner for me and a lot of other SHINee fans. The MV's very SMish but the dance is freaking hard core amazing. Everyone sounds good the song is addictive and amazing. Jonghyuns grandpa white hair actually suits him. Key was so fierce it was like he was back in his "Lucifer" days when he didn't have the middle-part in his hair. He stood out for me along with Taemin.

Dazzling Girl

I decided to do the two Japanese singles together. Dazzling girl was a nice single, kind of like average SHINee with dub step. I liked this song a lot and can't help but dance to it. I like the filters used on their Japanese MV's very 3D esc is how I would put. Jonghyun's singing his freaking voice out, but the MV confuses me a bit. Don't like Key's hair like that though, but he was still great :) Onew and Taemin stood out the most for me.


Technically cheating, because it's a lyric video, but it's still a video. I ranted and raved about this in my "Everybody" album review which you can here. This song is so good it! Like really good. The way they perform is so sexy but the lyrics (which Jonghyun wrote) are depressing as hell. Jonghyun, do you need a hug? Speaking of Jonghyun his vocals are killing me because they're pretty perfect, so he stands out the most here. Definitely up their with one of my favorites. 


One of my favorite songs of the year. No it's not dub-steb, it's complextro which is like dub-steps better looking, younger brother. A lot of people liked this, I loved it, the concept was different than any SHINee we ever knew. It's like they took the concept of"Lucifer" and mashed it together with a darker version of SNSD's "Genie" concept and you got "Everybody." This is very a very epic SHINee song and a very simple, but epic video with very epic choreography. I'm digging Onew's hair a lot. Minho stood out the most for me in this one, he looked very mature. Extra brownie points for shirtless Taemin.


This was S.M.'s Christmas present to us Shawols. THANK YOU! I like how it didn't have the typical behind the scenes and concert pieces. It actually had a set in-between those takes with SHINee in front of a Christmas tree and doing Christmas-sy things. Everybody looks realistically happy, Jonghyun's so adorable here. I remember saying the song was great, just not my favorite on the album. I take that back, because this song is just pure fun and almost classic SHINee. The best part would have to be when Key and Jonghyun go back and forth  a bit before the chorus and the synthesizer over Key's voice is just glory. Have to say, Key looks good both as a blonde and with jet black hair. Taemin looks good with darker hair too as well. Minho is hilarious. Onew is the typical King of Sexy that he is. I love this MV. Key and Taemin were so freaking hot here!

The Misconceptions of Us (Combination of Misconceptions of You, and Misconceptions of Me) was a great album. Nearly flawless.

"Everybody"- amazing.

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