Wednesday, December 25, 2013


In honor of making one of the best songs and videos of 2013/2014 I've decided to make a blog post dedicated to my SuJu bias, Donghae for the MV "Still You" and all of his sexyness. When it comes to SuJu, Donghae is my #1 bias and Eunhyuk is #2. I can't make a post about Eunhyuk's sexyness throughout the video (and believe me, there definitely was!) Without my best friend stabbing me for looking at "her man" like that. Onto the Sexy East Sea Fish shall we?

This is just mesmerizing :)

My name is DONGHAE!!! Cute :)

Nobody looks better writing than Donghae.

Don't like the fuzzy turtle-neck. But I like the face above it.

"Doing it with class, because I have a sexy ass." Best you 10 bucks that's what he's thinking.

That face and coat go well together :)

Props to Donghae for co - composing and co-writing the lyrics for the song :) Props to both Donghae and Eunhyuk for making good music. More than just a sexy face I see...

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