Friday, December 20, 2013

Minzy Shouldn't Have Followed Her Moms Advice

What. The. Fuck.
Okay lets get this over with.

Sorry Minzy, I know she's your mom and you love her but she was a bit silly about the situation. In the book "Clean" by Amy Reed one girls mother pressures her into taking diet pills at the age of thirteen because she wasn't stick thin. This is not quite the same but painfully similar.

Most of the times mothers are right, when they're good mothers, and I'm not saying that Minzy's mother is a bad person. She's just sly.

Hears what I guess the conversation went like:
Type A:

Minzy- "Mom I'm struggling from rhinitis and I'm going to get surgery to fix it."
Minzy's Mom: "Maybe you should it heightened a bit too." 
Minzy: "Okay, I'll think about it."

Type B:
Minzy: "Mom I'm struggling from rhinitis and I'm going to get surgery to fix it."
Minzy's Mom: "While you're at it you should fix your flat ass nose bridge."
Minzy: "Okay! Okay! Alright!!"

I'm sorry but there are just some things some moms should stay out of. Also I read that her mom supposedly kept telling her to drop 10 kg's because she wasn't as thin as the other 2NE1 members (meaning Dara) so she lost them. It's one thing to be concerned about you're daughters weight, but Minzy wasn't even over weight and had the best figure in the group in my opinion (and a lot of others.)

Also for the delusionals: you don't have to have plastic surgery to recover from rhinitis. It is not necessary at all. So stop saying she needed it. However I do admire Minzy for admitting it, and not waiting a century to tell. I think that was really brave.

Now my opinion on the nose: it looks like total shit. Yeah I said it.
Really? Just really?

Sorry Minzy I still love you. But your nose was fine before. Now it looks like Barbie's gone even more plastic. Actually I take that back, it could be a lot worse. At least she didn't go to Park Bom's plastic surgeon (I dont hate Park Bom at all btw.)However, it IS bad. She doesn't even look like herself in that pic. I guess some people just don't know when to say "I look fucking fine!" i.e. Park Bom. I'm actually kind of disappointed that now just one 2NE1 member hasn't had any plastic surgery. I'm not sure if Dara has had any but CL is known for not having any work done. 

Unless her talent all of a sudden disappears, I'm not upset with Minzy. Just a bit weirded out and disappointed with the situation and outcome. I still love her, she's really sweet and funny.I just don't think mama knew best in this situation.

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