Thursday, December 26, 2013

Leave Sica Alone!

Thank you Jessica!

So SNSD did a little concert where they all performed covers of different songs. One cover was done by Jessica where she did a cover of Lee Hyori's "Miss Korea." One of my favorite songs of 2013. She wore a bathing suit and some fucking retards fangirls decided to slut-shame her. Call her a whore, degrading to women all over the planet, slut it just get's worse and worse.

First of all, I stand for equality in all of K-Pop. I can enjoy both a man and woman's sexuality (no I'm not bisexual.) I can appreciate when Suho's shirtless, I can also appreciate when Jessica (or any female idol) is sexy. Now I'm not going to bullshit because we all know very well that Kpop can be heavily devoted to pleasing men. Some videos of female groups bore me because what the average guy finds sexy in a woman I don't. But I don't go around calling Girls' Day sluts because they shaked their asses in "Female President." Why? Because I don't know anything about them to call them anything outside their name.

I am a SONE (yeah I admit it) but I'm not a delusional fangirl that gets pissed when they try something not "Oh" era. I support Sica 100% behind this because "Miss Korea" has a powerful message. People are saying "how could you sing about sex!" First of all, "Miss Korea" isn't about sex, GaIn's "Bloom" that Sunny performed was about sex. And not even casual sex, but finding someone you love before you start doing it. "Miss Korea" is about being beautiful and how you, yourself, is beautiful. It's a good song. It's no Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" but Kpop could use a song like this every once in a while.

Akisame at "Anti-Kpop Fangirl" made a good point in her blog post about this (you can view that here) saying that nobody slut-shamed CL when she was naked in "Missing You." While I'm sure she got heat for it, she got it nowhere near as much as Jessica is getting. Not sure why, akisame says it relates to CL's looks. Maybe. I always though CL was pretty but majority of others say "hell no." Depends on the person. 

Bottom line is: I hate feminist who add onto the problem. They give us a bad rep for being feminist. Feminism isn't about burn in bra's, slut shaming, and hating men. It's about being confident in your sexuality, fighting for gender equality, and not giving a fuck about the roles society expects from you as a female. But a lot of women get that fucked up and it makes me want to punch them in the vagina  educate them on what a real feminist is, and how they don't deserve to call themselves out. If you want to help Kpop become more accepting of female sexuality, you should be supporting Jessica for agreeing to do this cover. And any other female idol that dares to make a statement like this. 

Now I'm not saying every female idol should be in bathing suits, but more empowering songs like MissA's "I Don't Need a Man" and Brown Eyed Girls "Sixth Sense" wouldn't bite us in the ass would it?

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