Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kris Looks PISSED!

I'm pissing my pants!

This is from the "Miracles in December" album highlight. Sounds like a pretty solid album to me.But in all seriousness he looks pretty adorable in that picture and I needed an excuse to use it so, here you go. The melody is really awkward in the since they all look like they're on crack/trying too hard to be enthusiastic. I used to it with Chanyeol by now because lets face it, dude is on something but a lot of the members looked like they stole his crack pipe and took a hit before the photo-shoot(especially Kai). I thought Kris looked good so he was chosen as the macro for today. But I might make some out of the others because it gets pretty funny.Side note: I'm not an EXO hater, they're one of my favorite boy groups it's just fun to make fun of what love right? Check out the highlight melody here to get a preview of the tracks, it sounds like its going to be good:


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