Wednesday, December 11, 2013

HunHan is Kind of Creepy When You Think About It...

If you're into EXO or not then you know of HunHan. The maknae of EXO K with the face of EXO M along with a lot of shippable-ness going around. Rather you love them or hate them, or indifferent or can't tell them apart here is the reason why I think it's creepy:

I'm talking strictly pre-debut HunHan. Back a couple of years when Sehun was my age, 16 and Luhan was like 22 or 21 or even 20. Sehun is four years younger than Luan so I guess 20. If they're into the whole "gay couple" thing like they supposedly are now, wouldn't that make Luhan a… pedo-bear?

Now I'm not here to shit on Luhan I love the dude to pieces, not am I here to hate on Sehun. But I mean how would that even happen? Were they out getting bubble tea one day and Luhan was all like "GIMMIE DAT ASS SEHUN!" and Sehun wanted to obey his hyung/gege that much? Or did he gladly bend over/ top? Or vice versa? Idk but it's pretty plausible.

Of course Sehun is now grown and can do whatever he wants so present day HunHan is legal for all. But it was just a goofy thought I had.

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