Monday, December 30, 2013

Holy Freaking GOD Jongin!!! And Killer Key!

So I was surfing the inter webs when I stumbled across a pimp post of Kai/Jongin on a blog called exochocolate. Since I adore like Kai I decided to read it, a long with the links. One link lead to this picture:

I spazzed. Not going to say anything else here. I picked Kai as my favorite member way before I even knew this side of him existed. But this is just 0_0  *dies of fingirling spazzing* Seriously f*ck all the people that thinks he's ugly because he's "dark skinned" anybody that cannot see the hotness burned into this pic is far beyond blind! Shoot, even Stevie Wonder could see the hotness in this. Thank GOD he exist.

"God says you're welcome suho_ftw :)"

In reliving 2013 Shawol style, I felt the need to post some Key, because he looks so good in both of these pics:

His adorableness kills me in this pic!

His hotness kills me here.

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