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Girls' Generation/ 소녀시대/ 少女時代/ SNSD 3rd Japanese Album "Love & Peace" Review

The first one is the CD+DVD version which is also available in Blu-Ray. The second  one is the Super Limited Edition that comes with the CD, DVD/Blu-Rays, and some goodies. The third one is the regular CD edition. You can purchase them on yesasia, cdjapan, amazon.japan, and eBay.

Okay now SNSD's first Japanese album is constantly praised because it was freaking amazing. Their second Japanese album, "Girls and Peace" was up to par but not quite as good. But this one is right up their first Japanese album! This album is seriously really good and I'll go track by track rating them out of nine!

01. Gossip Girls: 7.5/9

A lot of people say this is their least favorite song on the album, but that it's not a bad song. I agree. Gossip Girls isn't a bad song, it's a very cool sounding song with some weird vocals. It's enjoyable enough, but it's kind of just, I don't know, not spectacular compared to some of the other songs on here. I however like the use of English, very nice.

02. Motorcycle: 9/9

Motorcycle is a super jam! I just love, love, love this song. It has some good verses and a super catchy chorus. I like how "motorcycle" is used in the song and the use of some very clever English. On top of that the the instrumental is very spot on with the sort of popping beat. I feel that Sunny and Tiffany really shinned in this.

03. Flyers: 9/9

I feel like this is "Way to Go!" 2.0. "Way to Go" is off of their Gee mini-album. It was a very heavy rock and uplifting cute song. It had very inspirational lyrics, great chorus and Taeyeon and Jessica's vocals really stood out in this. It reminds me of early 2000's rock music which I happen to enjoy. 

04. Galaxy Supernova: 9/9

Everyone enjoys "Galaxy Supernova" it's a very fun dance track. Don't think we didn't notice the sound effects from "Flower Power" S.M.! It has a lot of Sooyoung in it which come on, we could all use a little but more of Sooyoung. SNSD's Korean music seem more spaced out but their Japanese music is still heavily Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, and Seohyun and not enough Sunny, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Yuri, or Sooyoung. Above all this is very pop-ish and the lyrics are cute, it's fun to dance to and a really awesome listen.

05. Love and Girls: 8/9

I feel like I'm the only one that likes this song. I like the sort of whistle them they have going on. It's a very bubbly and cute song, but not going back to their "Gee" days because that would be just uncomfortable. I like the use of English in the song and it's a good song to get you energized. Taeyeon really stole the show with her vocals need the end and Tiffany's mini-rap part was cool sounding.

06. Beep Beep: 9/9

Another song everyone seems to enjoy is "Beep Beep." It's hard to not like the song it's just so cute and the little synthesizer in the back makes the song soooo freaking addictive. SONEs have been waiting forever for this song to reach an album and even longer for the music video to come out. It will be released on CD+DVD version(s) of the album so you can finally see it if you haven't seen it on youtube. It was a B-side on the "Flower Power" single that came out last year, and I think it was supposed to be on "Girls & Peace" album but it never made it for some reason. Sunny really stood out for me in this one. Highly enjoyable and addictive.

07. My oh My: 9/9

This song has many different aspects to why so many people enjoy it. One would be the vocals. The vocals are very strong and beautiful in this song. Two would be the instrumental, it's like a blend of the soul of "Twinkle" and the vocals of "Into the New World." Three would be the fact that the music video doesn't suck like other S.M. videos. There is an actual storyline that matches the lyrics mixed with little dances. Four would be the break down with Sooyoung, Yoona, Yuri, and Hyoyeon. That part was just great. Tiffany and Yoona stood out the most for along with Taeyeon and Sooyoung. One of my favorites!

08. Lips: Onew/9

You know that if I rate anything Onew/ what ever number it means it's the best! Lips should have been a single release, why? I don't know. This song is just sexy and has hip-hop and R&B roots to it. The harmonization is perfect and that chorus is just the best. SNSD should make a Korean and English version of this because it would be a hit anywhere in my opinion. Hell they don't even have to translate it, it's a hit all the way. For me Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri and Sunny stood out the most for me. This is one of my favorites of SNSD period!

09. Do the Catwalk: 9/9

This was a B-side off of the "Galaxy Supernova" single. When I heard it at first time I loved it. I love the transitions between certain beets. It starts off all mysterious and dreamy, then gets jazzy with the verses, and then very much uplifting with the chorus. Majority seems to enjoy this and I've listen to this a bunch of times and I'll listen to it a bunch more! Jessica and Sunny stood out the most for me in this track. Quite lovable if you ask me!

10. Karma Butterfly: Onew/9

Dear. Freaking. God. Karma. Freaking. Butterfly. It's amazing. Need I say more? Okay, the beat is electronica but not like F(x)'s "Airplane" it's has more of a flow to it. I love how it feels like it's taking you on a journey and the way the song carries itself is just perfect. I can't put into words how much I love this song. Definitely check this song out, it has some amazing vocals to match an amazing instrumental with some inspirational lyrics. Another one of my favorites :)

11. Lingua Franca: 9/9

Another B-side. This was from the "Love & Girls" single that was released earlier in the year. Can I just say I love this instrumental. It's so whimsical, yeah that's how I would describe it. A lot of people said this should be the single and "Love & Girls" should have been the B-side. I can kind of sort of see why. It's very different from the other songs on the album in the since that the authentic guitar gives it a much more relaxing vibe. Like something they'd play in a vacation/going away movie where they go to some European country.The chorus is very much catchy and gives the song a nice vibe. Like "Karma Butterfly" everyone stood out to me equally but if I had to choose I feel Hyoyeon really stood out.

12. Everyday Love: 8.5/9

This is the "ballad" of the album. It's enjoyable I liked it. Like a SNSD album should be, only it's a happy ballad talking about everyday love. They evens say the days of the week in the song which was clever. The song has a slow pop beat and the song builds up near the end which is why I love SNSD's ballads. I like it, it's not the best on the album but is far from the worst. Everyone stood out equally in this for me.

Overall Album: 8.9/9

Better than their second Japanese album in my opinion. I defiantly recommend this album for a listen. There wasn't a single song on the album that I disliked. This album is definitely a keeper to me.

If you want to see an unboxing of the album click this video. It's by Dylan Jacob.

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