Tuesday, December 24, 2013

EunHae - 아직도 난 (Still You) MV and Song Review

I know SM isn't calling them EunHae but how do they expect us to NOT call them that?

Donghae and Eunhyuk is like a fangirls wet dream come true. Super Junior is not my favorite group, they're one of my faves just not one of my absolute faves. Mostly because like half of them are assholes or arrogant, even though they have concord their big heads a lot since the past so they're okay I guess. I like their music blah blah blah.

Eunhyuk and Donghae are my two favorites. One because I like Donghae, he's a sweety (my favorite member) and my friend obsessed over Eunhyuk for months and I saw nothing wrong with him. I have a dancing crush on him because I like his moves. Plus they make super good music, honestly I like this duo. I think once SuJu ends SM can just market these two and they'd do fine.

The song: is fucking great. Kpop needs more songs like this. Songs like BAP's "Coffee Shop", BoA's "Disturbance" Lim Kim's "Rain" were some of my top favorite songs of this year. They were so relaxing and different. They were pleasing to the ear and they had beautiful music videos to go with the beautiful music. Eunhyuk's "rap" in the middle is even real good and mellow. Not all in yo' face, which is fine for a in yo' face track. But it matched the songs chill vibe. I liked how Donghae's voice carried throughout the song as well very nicely done. Also Eunhyuk seems to keep getting better at singing as well.

The video: is fucking great. Finally SM releases a creative video outside of EXO's "Growl" and and BoA's "Disturbance." As a matter of fact this was filmed in London. A few months ago, my friend, who follows Eunhyuk on instagram (I don't have one. I have a blackberry.) and showed them in London while doing some shootings. So we knew they were making a comeback. They show them in London traveling and showing some of London's famous landmarks ect… Shows them going around the city and such with a side-by-side cam. It was a very soft filter they used for the MV as well, which I like. You get to see Eunhyuk be straight for about 3 seconds XD

Since this MV came out late in December, I'll count this as one of my 2013 and 2014 favorites. I know it's cheating but whatever.

The song 
The video 
Donghae's Voice
Donhae's face (yeah Donghae, I like your face!)
Eunhyuk's rap
Eunhyuk's voice improved
Eunhyuk's singnature ugly hat is less ugly
EunHae are sexy

That fugly, sparkly sweater Eunhyuk is wearing towards the end. Seriously, it looks like something the "fashion diva's" at my school would barf up! And I LOVE sparkly sweaters.

The pro's out way the cons! I give this 2 Less Ugly Eunhyuk Hats :)

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