Friday, December 27, 2013

Don't Think I Forgot Suho

I've done blog post about Kai, Xiumin, and Donghae. Time for Suho glory.

Just cute, cute, cute.

That face is pure goodness.

Anything related to Public Enemy is good in my eyes.

One of his many ghetto facial expressions.

He always does that lip pencil thing, it's cute.

Woah. His adams apple O_O

Xiumin confused, awkwardly horny Chen, Suho's stankface. Nuff said.

Suho's power is water because he gets the bitches wet ;) (He looks thin is this one :/)

Suho and Xiumin in a gif together is always good.

If I could put gifs on t-shirts this would be my first choice. Just sayin'.

I think he's drunk. 

I think he's high.

Suho and Kai in a gif is always good. Especially with Kai eye-fucking the camera.


Oh yes.

Don't got to right shit.

Never forget what lies under his cuteness.

I don't know about you, but I am very satisfied with this blog post. I own none of these pics or gifs! Credit goes to the owners and Suho.

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