Saturday, December 21, 2013

BOM&HI - "All I Want for Christmas is You" MV+Song Review

I'm a sucker for soul music. So naturally I loved this song. Lee Hi's voice suited the song extremely well, and so did Park Bom's. I like the organ playing throughout the song, and the slow drive of the song really helped the two showcase their voices.

Most people tend not to like remakes or remixes. I can understand why because Kpop, or American pop some remixes can be complete shit. Although I hate drinking, Kirko Bangz's "Drink in My Cup" was one of my favorite songs in 2012. But then there was some shitty ass remix with what I think was 2Chainz or Gucci Maine and nobody liked it… at all. It was my LEAST favorite song of 2012. Total shit. I don't dislike 2Chainz or Gucci Maine but they should have stayed FAR AWAY from that song because they just fucking ruined it.

With this song, I didn't mind the change from Mariah Carey's original doo-wopp instrumental. Slowing it down suited Hi and Bom better in my opinion. Like I said the use of piano and organ was nice and it still sounded Christmas-like without all the cheeriness of the original Carey instrumental. The song was nicely done.

The video on the other hand was weird. I did like it thought, because it was pretty and coming from the typical flashy, but storyline-ish MV's of YG it was a nice change. Maybe it was because Samsung had some say in it. Bom and Hi look like mother and daughter in this. Bom actually smiles, which was a real game changer for me! Lee Hi is one of my favorite vocalist in all of Kpop, so is Bom so it they were both vocally appealing. My guess is that the MV is all about spending time with your loved ones, which is why you see Bom and Hi doing things together like a mother and daughter would. So I guess their giving the lyrics a new meaning from being about a lover to just anyone you do love, relative or not. Not sure but that's just my interpretation of it.

Also Lee Hi looks soft and pretty. Bom doesn't look too bad in this either. The MV's style is a soft and war feeling and the makeup and clothes they wear match it. Even their hair colors have softened. The scenes where they're singing while laying down in a Christmas tree (I think) really enhance the softness of the MV.

Nicely well done remake
Vocally appealing
Soft and nice
Warm and fuzzy song and MV

The MV can make no sense at times
What was up with the mouse?
Where those pills or jelly beans Bom was eating in the beginning? 
The lip singing is weird.

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