Tuesday, December 10, 2013

8 Things I love About Anti-Kpop Fangirl (The Blog Not the Person)

I'm pretty sure when they say "fangirl" they don't mean normal ones who enjoy kpop and what it has to offer, but the bat-shit insane sasaeng, delusional fangirls. Me being a normal fangirl, or just fan for that matter took the liberty of making an 8 things I love about anti-kpop fangirl blog because it really is a good blog.

1. They speak for A LOT of people.
2. Their view points actually make sense
3. They speak their minds and opinions
4. sulli_fag (The best writer on the blog in my opinion.)
5. kpopalypse (the second best writer on the blog in my opinion)
6. zaku (The third best writer on the blog in my opinion)
7. They're fucking hilarious
8. They point out the difference between being a feminist and being a slut-shaming, backwards idiot.

(Obviously I like Anti-Kpop Fangirl the persons post too!)

Now of course there are things I don't favor about the blog but I like to point out the good news first. Plus the pros out way the cons for me.

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