Tuesday, November 12, 2013

TroubleMaker-"내일은 없어 (Now)" Song and MV Review

For starters I'm going to say this: I like this pairing. I've liked them since their debut in fact. The songs are really good, "Troublemaker" was one of the best songs of 2011/2012 and overall the two together make a good combo. Hyunseung is creepy and hot and HyunA is vampy and hot while both being talented, so good combo.

What I didn't like about their debut was the MV, it was just not well planned, it had some good moments but overall it was awkward and funny. But the song was still really good.

However "There is No Tomorrow (Now)" has both a good song and MV. I see Hyunseung and HyunA are keeping their semi-jazzy/ mellow/ hip-hop sexy sound which works really well for them. The song is very strange, almost like F(x)'s "Rum Pum Pum Pum" it's sounds strange but is still really good.  While "Rum Pum Pum Pum" has more percussion instruments which gave it an authentic feel, "Now" has more saxophone and synthesizer sound to it which gives it that nitty-gritty feel. Very cool.

On to the MV. If you saw the regular version, it leaves a bit too much to the imagination which is fine. The un-cut version shows the whole story and such, filling in the gaps that the original version was missing. I prefer the un-cut version because both suffice. 

Basically the story-line is this: Hyunseung is a hit-man that makes a lot of money. HyunA is his girlfriend. They have a dangerous and bi-polar relationship. One moment they're tearing each others throats out, the next they're getting it on in their car and trailer. 

It seems to both be tearing them apart as you see shots of them feeding their own addictions. HyunA's addictions include going to clubs, defacing paintings and Budweiser. 

And Hyunseung's addictions include money, cigarettes and white girls.

But both seem to enjoy general substance abuse.

But in the end you see that they have shared some really good moments together as a couple. But these moments happen when HyunA is outside the trailer worried sick about Hyunseung's life and rather he'll make it back from his "job."

In the middle you get them tango/ball room dancing in a dark setting, and also of them dancing while two race cars spin continuously around them.

The MV matches that nitty-gritty slow like feel that the song has, I'm not sure if you'd call it "a hipsters wet dream" because it doesn't give off that feel (but then again Hyunseung does make a lot of money. I don't know, maybe they're trying to be off the map and non-obvious?) And yes, it is a lot like Rihanna's "We Found Love" but that's not to say it's not worth a watch.  This is really shocking to KPOP standards, that is if you know anything about KPOP, so when you see the little red 19 in the upper right corner, you'll know why.

On that note, now that Hyunseung and HyunA are becoming more popular with this comeback maybe their next comeback can be even more sophisticated. Hell what will catch peoples attention if it's there is no real sex appeal in the MV and is of them playing checkers, reading comics, or some adventure out in the jungle. That will get people talking.

I give this comeback 5/5 Budweiser product placements.

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