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This is just a review of SHINee the band, not the new Everybody mv/mini-album. I'll do that next.

SHINee is my favorite boy band. Okay one of them, Big Bang, SHINee, and BAP all hole the #1 spot. But SHINee it's all about SHINee today.

Onew is truly amazed by either Joon's abs or himself. Both are things to be amazed by.

Ohhhhhh mah Jinki! If you've read one of my earlier you know my feels for him. 
Birth name: Lee Jinki
Birthday: December 14 1989
Position: Leader and Lead Vocalist
Nickname: Dubu
Talent: ONEW/5
***NOTE*** If I give anything an Onew/5 that means it's dayum good! I've never really heard anything like Onew's voice before, it's like smooth and husky at the same time. It's slightly deep, sexy, and relaxing. His dancing is even unique, it's not Taemin but it's still very good and interesting to watch since his body is build in huggable manner. 

Personality: ONEW/5
He's awkward, adorable, sweetheart, shy, and mellow. Onew practically owns this unique (I'm going to keep using unique when it comes to Onew) personality. Anybody that hates him can take a foot up the ass.

Sight: ONEW/5
 Let's face it, everything about Onew is unique, even the way he looks. Big Bang's Daesung and him slightly resemble each other but that's as close as I've gotten. Onew is just uniquely sexy/hot/cute wrapped all into one beautiful package. 

Jonghyun is drooling over Key's ass. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Jonghyun's not my favorite member SHINee, there's nothing wrong with him, he's really talented he's just doesn't speak that much to me.
Birth name: Kim Jonghyun
Birthday: April 8, 1990
Position: Main Vocalist
Nickname: Bling, Bling

Talent: 5/5
Jonghyun's voice makes up for his disappearing dancing. Jonghyun has a nice R&B voice with a lot of soul. He can reach high notes good and is an excellent vocalist. But that's all I recognize him for. When he sings he steals the show, then it's like he fades into the back when his turns up. I say disappearing dancing because I can't really pinpoint really gazing at Jonghyun's dancing. But when you do pay attention he's pretty good and his songwriting is awesome too.

Personality: 4/5
Jonghyun's personality is conflicting. He talks a lot and sometimes people who talk a lot are annoying, he can be cocky as hell so that can be both funny and annoying, he can be a bit ratchet which is hilarious and annoying. But you can't hate him because at the end of the day he's not harmful and he's pretty adorable and funny at times.

Sight: 4.5/5
Jonghyun's hot. Not as hot as Onew though. You can say what you want about his nose, but it doesn't bother me not 1% and his hair is awesome, plus his eyes are beautiful. But he's still not as hot as Onew.

Key is the King Bee. Respect.

Key is the one you either hate or love. I love. 
Birth name: Kim Kibum
Birthday: September 23, 1991
Position: Lead rapper, Vocalist and Visual
Nickname: Almighty Key

Talent: 5/5
Key's good at rapping, he's really good at singing, and he's good at dancing. He's an all-rounder in my opinion. His voice is more distinguished and easy to recognize not matter what he's doing and he puts his all into everything. 

Personality: 5/5
Almighty Key indeed. Key's known for his strong personality, so like it or not, Key's just honest. And honesty is something he and his husband value so he may come off backhanded (or ready to backhand a b!tch.) But he's not mean about it, and he is apologetic. Key is also funny and happy while also maintaining his "umma" status (which fits him perfectly.) He's just more of a complex person with a lot of sass so take it or leave it.

Sight: 4.9/5
When I look at Key, something about him seems gorgeous and untouchable. I don't know if it's his jaw, high cheek bones, or his intimidating cat eyes, but he has a certain something about him that you don't see in just everybody. He has something that screams "I'm fabulous" and he works anything that SM throws at him. With his love for eyeliner and pink he makes sure he's Almighty Key.

The day Taemin turned 19(18) was the happiest day of Minho's life :)

What to say, what to say, what to say...
Birth name: Choi Minho
Birthday: December 9, 1991
Nickname: Flaming Charisma
Postion: Main rapper, and Visual

Talent 4.7/5
Minho raps well, his voice has changed from their debut though. Before it was higher in my opinion but now it's a little more deep. His singing is mediocre but better, his dancings always been good and cute. He's like the decent one of SHINee. Not a lot to say. Some say he has no talent what so ever. I disagree he has talent and people would see that if SM would let him get more shots in, I see they have been lately so that's good. Not really a lot to say though.

Personality: 4/5
Minho is a person that doesn't do a lot of talking but will. I remember how he used to just sit there like a robot and then on Hello Baby! he wouldn't stop XD. I guess he's just complicated or just observant of his surroundings. He's a unique character alright. I honestly don't have a problem with him at all. He's silent but can be goofy and fun as well.

Sight: 4.9/5
Minho's what you would call "easy on the eyes." He has a long build for a body and a god for a face. Hottest frog I've ever seen, but still not as hot as Onew.

Taemin is now TaeMan. But still adorable.

A household name for a reason!
Birth name: Lee Taemin
Birthday: July 18, 1993
Nickname: Taeminnie, TaeMan
Postion: Vocalist, Main Dancer, and Maknae

Talent: ONEW/5
Taemin is probably SHINee's second most talented person in my opinion. His voice has wickedly improved along with Key's his dancing is just phenomenal, I don't think I've ever heard him rap outside of "Get It" and I giggled at that. Taemin is just great and nobody can really deny that he is gifted.

Personality: 5/5
He's a mixture between a five year old child and 25 year old man. He's sweet, calm, and tender but has his bratty moments like any other human being. He's known for being sweet and innocent, while being determined and strong. Majority of KPOP fans know of Taemin probably because he's the hardest person in the world to dislike. You really have no choice but to like Taemin and that's because he's just awesome!

Sight: 5/5
Up until a year or two ago, Taemin was jailbait. Now that he's older the not-anymore-pedo-noonas and not-anymore-pedo-hyungs don't have to hold back their urges to praise Taemin's ever growing sexiness. Taemin has been far from unattractive since day 1. When he debuted he was cute and adorable, then everybody said he got girly with the Lucifer and Sherlock hair extensions, now that he's getting older he's getting freakishly masculine and sexy, but he can still at times look girly depending on what SM throws at him. I likey Taemin.


Talent: 5/5
One of SM's more talented groups, SHINee is highly popular around Asia and internationally because, well, they are really talented. There's not a single member that doesn't have a purpose in the group.

Personality: 5/5
SHINee's over ally personality is strong when you have five extremely different ones walking around. You have adorkable Onew, cocky Jong, diva Key, awkward Minho, and sweet Taemin. They all have very distinctive personalities that rarely clash and runs as smooth as a well oiled machine.

Sight: 5/5
"SHINee are sexies" is a comment under one of their videos on YouTube, while I am still laughing my ass off at the crazy grammar, I agree. I believe that their talent is up to par with their looks. Even though I couldn't really care about how they look, SHINee isn't even necessarily marketed off their looks or sexiness if you ask me, they just kind of are sexy without trying. Two sexy thumbs up! XD

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