Thursday, November 14, 2013

Random Throwback: F(x) "NU ABO" Mini Album Review

I don't get the cover, but I like it.

F(x) is one of the most successful girl groups out there. Their debut single "LA chA TA" won over many people and was an overall an awesome song. So when SM announced their first mini-album, it was highly anticipated.

NU ABO contains some of F(x)'s best songs in my opinion, and with their new album "Pink Tape" it shows that F(x) has definitely not stopped pleasing their fans, like me. So, with that said in honor of their success following their senior groups, Girls' Generation (SNSD), and SHINee ect… I figure, might as well do the first random throwback in honor of their come up.

The track list:

01. NU ABO
02. Mr. Boogie
03.아이스크림 (Ice Cream) 
04. Me+U
05. Surprise Party
06. Sorry (Dear. Daddy)

01. "NU ABO": 5/5

I grew up on the south side of Chicago. So naturally it's practically embedded in my blood to have a love for hip-hop/rap/gangsta rap and Jazz. So when I heard the heavy bass and the catchy chorus I was automatically hooked. For some people it took a while to get used to, but not me. Everyone sounds good and Krystal's hairstyle for the MV was trippy in the best way. The crowed in the back matches the "basketball game" like music in the background. Amber's rap in the middle was great as well, and the high notes towards the end are truly amazing. "NU ABO" is one of my favorite F(x) songs of all time, I've listened to it a bunch of times and I'll listen to it a bunch more.

02. "Mr. Boogie" 4.5/5

This is the real Mr. Boogie. Not kidding.

F(x) along with SHINee have always had more creepy songs than their seniors such as SNSD or SuJu. Queen BoA has had a few but I think that's because they can pull it off. Can you really see SNSD and SuJu singing about a urban legend child thief? With that said "Mr. Boogie" is  no exception to the creepiness of some of F(x)'s songs. It has a slow electronic beat to it, with a creepy synthesizer occasionally and if a movie was made about the actual legend of Mr. Boogie, I would definitely pick this song. It has a nice vibe and stands out a lot on this album out side of "NU ABO" because it sounds more mature. Majority of the album is Bubblegum Pop so "Mr. Boogie" was a nice twist.

03. "아이스크림 (Ice Cream)": 5/5

"Ice Cream" is another one of my faves. It's cutesy but not in the fake annoying way like some songs are. It like a weird blend of cutesy and sexy. It is VERY much like SNSD's "Show! Show! Show!" off their second album Oh/Run Devil Run and almost every SONE I've met has listed "Show! Show! Show!" as one of their faves, me included. Amber's rap in the middle was a bit awkward, I feel the English wasn't written to her bad-ass rapping standards. In fact when I first heard it, I laughed. But that assigned the beat is sexy and electronic but still cute and the lyrics are the same. It's definitely up their with some of their best, so this one gets a 5/5 from me!

04. "Me+U": 4.5/5

Something about this song makes me sing. Props go to who ever made the instrumental because this is song is all fun. It's like the crack album because when you listen to it you think bright colors and lots of bouncy dancing. The chorus is so cute addictive, the verses are decent enough. The bridge is a nice slow down and towards the end it gets real nice and fun. If you liked "Ice Cream" then you should like it just fine.

05. "Surprise Party": 5/5

I want this played/ sung at my birthday parties. It's basically another birthday song. I heard this once and was humming it throughout the whole day. I feel like it's somewhat special, I really enjoyed this. The instrumental is R&B upbeat, that's the best I can describe it. The vocals are nice in this one and bridge is nice, like something out of an old school 90's track. The song is kind of 90's R&B in fact. The lyrics get more romantic near the end and the little "Happy Birthday!" at the end was really cute. I find this track very pleasing to the ears.

06. "Sorry (Dear. Daddy)" [Luna+Krystal Ballad]: 5/5

I don't know why but I was expecting something like SNSD's "Dear. Mom" off their Gee mini album. Like a sequel considering It's practically the same title. And I did. It's a very solid ballad with a nice smooth beat. I love "Dear. Mom" and I like this song as well. Heck, the lyrics are even the same: apologizing to you're mom/dad for being a butt-wad. I just feel a little nicked because I wish the other members could have joined in on the action. It's not like Amber can't sing, her singing voice is very soft and pretty, so that can't be an excuse. Maybe it's a deeper reason I got to look into. But Luna and Krystal sing the song very, very well and the instrumental flows with their voices beautifully. Again, I wish the other members could have sung as well but since this is a solid ballad I'll give it a 5/5.

****NOTE**** I know it's been like an SM Fest on this blog. I promise I'll review some other artist soon.

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