Friday, November 15, 2013

Miss A- "Hush"(허쉬) Song and MV Review

For starters I want to say I'm loving the current use of authentic guitars in KPOP lately. It's very smooth and just brings a lot of freshness to the track. There's just something about authentic guitars that add a sort of fresher and unique taste to a song, and Miss A's "Hush" is not exception.

With that said, "Hush" is a very nice song. It's very reminiscent to T-ARA's "Number 9" that came out last month, with the whole authentic guitar and even the two video has that sort of creepy vampy look. 

But that's not to say that the video's and songs are exactly the same. "Number 9" was more clubby, vampy and sexy in the typical KPOP way with sets and the members doing random stuff. "Hush" however has more creepiness and sexy to it. For the past year Miss A has been doing a more creepily sexy concept that started with "Touch" and worked it's way to this. It's good, with good vocals and good vocals. The song is just GOOD. E-Tribe is known for his work on "Gee", "U-Go-Girl" ect… And while people may be disappointed that "Hush" is no "Gee",  it's still a totally awesome track to me.

Overall the video has a dark setting, with the members in black and pleather while wearing lots of dark make-up. Although they are doing some pretty weird things with random objects, or nothing at all with them, the video focus's more on the dancing qualities. I also notice the usage of water in the MV as well with Fei's teaser. I don't know why but I like it.

Overall, I'm excited for their 2nd full length album. I hear it will contain hits like "I Don't Need a Man" and "Touch" along with other songs off their last couple of mini albums/ projects. So I feel that it will be a good album. 

Song: 5/5 Shower Heads
MV/: 4.5/5 Lollipops

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