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EVERYBODY LOVES SHINee: SHINee "Everybody" Mini-Album Review

 SHINee just dropped their new mini-album about a week ago and I'm here to review each track and share my opinion on the album as well as rate them.


01. Everybody
02.상사병 (Symptoms)
03.빗 속 뉴욕 (Queen of New York)
04.1분만 (One Minute Back)
05. Destination
06.닫아줘 (Close the Door)
07. Colorful

Concept: Military/ Soldier (Similar to SNSD's "Genie" Concept)

Let's Start:

01. EVERYBODY: 5/5

At first listen, it's kind of like you're just feeling out the song, getting used to it's rhythm. Then eventually it will get into your mind, suck you in, and you will be singing the chorus throughout the entire day or humming if you're me. "EVERYBODY, EVERYBODAE, EVERY-EVERY EVERYBODY!" It's an awesome song, Minho's singing, and every bodies jamming during the song. The complextro (dub-step's brother) mixed with the 1980's grove during the versus and the video game beeps during the end makes, and the lyrics are all about letting out your inner child, this makes "Everybody" a good song.

02. 상사병 (SYMPTOMS): ONEW/5

Anything with an Onew/5 is dayum good! Everybody loves Symptoms. It's a slow, R&B, smooth song with incredible vocals and an awesome beat. The chorus is so pretty and the song is delivered in a basket of sexiness. Jonghyun wrote the lyrics himself. The lyrics aren't that sexy, the lyrics are the most depressing thing on the planet. But they have meaning to them, and you can really feel the song, everybody sings it so well. Symptoms is amazing, point blank.

03. 빗 속 뉴욕 (QUEEN OF NEW YORK): 4.7/5

While Symptoms was slow and sweet, Bitsok Nu Yok or Queen of New New York, is more fun and "groovy." It's more of a dance track and really easy to enjoy. Nothing really yelling at your or just real flashy, it's just a fun song. I like it, I give it a four out of five. The lyrics are about this girl and how she's all glamorous, really similar to "Dynamite" on their "Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You album."

04. 1분만 (ONE MINUTE BACK): 5/5

This song has more hip-hop in the beginning, it's very, very awesome. Just how the song is composed overall is enough to have you dancing or bobbing your head at first listen. The clock really brings the since of time, plus the harmonization is always great with SHINee. But in this song, there is har-mo-nee! Minho's raps are always a pleasure, and the bridge is really stripped unlike the rest of the song. It's really like old school SHINee in the best song. The lyrics are about catching their girl cheating and wanting to turn back time. It's One of my favorite songs on the album. Two thumbs up.


Again, this is another well produced track. The songs very upbeat and the boys are singing their hearts out throughout the whole song. The more I think about the music, and the lyrics are both very epic. It has a more A-Yo feel, only these lyrics are more about "what am I doing with my life," "what is my destination?" The chorus is catchy as hell with na, na, na's, and the "my(a) destination" that follows after. Jonghyun's high notes in the bridge followed along with Minho and Key's rapping really worked. Plus Onew and Taemin were awesome as always. I love it, this another one of my favorites.

06. 닫아줘 (CLOSE THE DOOR): 5/5

A nice slow/groove song. Like something you hear on the Smooth Jazz 95.5 station before when it was smooth jazz and not Spanish music. It's very soothing, something you'd put on during Christmas while the snow is falling out side the window and you're snuggled by the fire place sipping hot chocolate. Their voices are not belting, their a lot softer which is complicated by the violins/viola's in the background. Minho's rap in the middle is kind of awkward it doesn't really fit, and it weren't for the instrumental it would have ruined it. Not that his rapping is bad, it just doesn't fit the mellow track. But it only last like thirty-seconds and he's not belting out his rap, he still maintains the softness of the track so it's not that bad. Since everything else is brilliant I give it 5/5.

07. COLORFUL: 4.5/5

It's a decent song, just not really blowing me away. It's more electronic/pop and dancing They're still singing their hearts out, it's still catchy, and it's uplifting. I like it a lot it's a lot of fun. It reminds me of "Ready or Not" almost. The bridge is real nice as well, it adds another element to the song. Other than that it's just that, it's just a nice upbeat song, good if you're in a bad mood and need some a picker up. But then again you could easily go to Everybody as well for that, I guess if you didn't like Everybody you could go to this. Still a good song though. 

OVERALL: 4.7/5

I give this album a 4.7/5 which is good. I'm still going to get the physical addition. It's probably my favorite SHINee mini-album. I love it and I keep on replaying it, I definitely recommend this to any SHINee fan. I feel if they would have replaced "Colorful" with another track, or added a track then it would have been a 5/5 or even a Onew/5. But that's not to say this mini-album isn't dope. Definitely give it a listen if you haven't, I think us Shawols will enjoy it the most.

What were your thoughts on the album? 

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